Texas’ Historical Milestones On This Day February 1st

One of the most pivotal events in Texas history occurred February 1st in 1861 when the Secession Convention approved an ordinance to withdraw Texas from the Union. This move was supported by a vote of 166 to 8 and was later ratified by voters in a referendum on February 23 of the same year. The secession became official on March 2nd, marking a significant turning point in Texas’ history as it joined the Confederacy during the Civil War.

In 1933, a treaty was signed between the United States and Mexico known as the Rio Grande Rectification Treaty. This treaty aimed to straighten the curves of the Rio Grande and establish floodways, levees, bridges, and a dam. This agreement had a lasting impact on the waterways of Texas and its neighboring country, Mexico.

In 1947, the Dallas Health Museum opened full-time at Fair Park, providing valuable information and resources to the residents of Dallas.