Texas’ Historical Milestones On This Day March 10th

On this day March 10th in Texas history, several significant events took place that shaped the state’s future. In 1836, Sam Houston made the important decision to abandon Gonzales and retreat eastward to avoid the advancing Mexican army. This exodus of settlers in the area became known as the Runaway Scrape, a defining moment in Texas history.

In 1890, the John Sealy Training School for Nurses opened its doors in Galveston, becoming the first formal nursing school in Texas. With eighteen students, the school played a crucial role in the development of healthcare in the state. The same year, the city of Lubbock was elected as the county seat of Lubbock County, solidifying its importance in West Texas.

In 1898, a group of business men in Eagle Lake chartered the Cane Belt Railroad, providing essential transportation for crops to reach the market. This development boosted the region’s economy and facilitated trade. Finally, in 1922, the Sealy and Smith Foundation for the John Sealy Hospital was chartered, showcasing the philanthropic efforts of Galveston entrepreneur John Hutchings Sealy and his sister, Jennie Sealy Smith.