Texas’ Historical Milestones On This Day March 27th

March 27th holds significant events in Texas history, marking a day of both tragedy and triumph in the Lone Star State.

In 1836, the town of Goliad witnessed a gruesome event as about 350 Texan prisoners, led by commander James Fannin, were executed on the orders of General Antonio López de Santa Anna. Despite the tragedy, an estimated 30 Texans managed to escape the brutal fate that befell their comrades.

Moving forward to 1856, Colonel Robert E. Lee made his way to San Antonio, where he started serving at Camp Cooper on the Comanche reservation. His arrival marked a pivotal moment in Texan history, as his actions would shape the future of the state.

In a more recent event in 2014, a federal appeals court upheld Texas’ new abortion restrictions, a decision that sparked controversy and debate across the nation. Despite opposition, the court ruled in favor of the restrictions, a decision that would have far-reaching consequences.