Texas’ Historical Milestones On This Day March 9th

March 9th in 1707, the Ramón expedition set out from Mission San Juan Bautista on a mission north of the Rio Grande. Led by Diego Ramón, the expedition included soldiers, citizens, horses, and pack mules. Their goal was to punish raiding Indians, gather neophytes for missions, and explore the region. The group returned to San Juan Bautista on April 3, 1708, after a successful journey.

Moving forward to 1936, a fifty-eight-mile power line was energized near Bartlett, TX, marking one of the first projects under the Rural Electrification Administration. This development brought electricity to rural areas, improving the lives of the residents.

In 2014, the Dallas Stars retired Mike Madano’s No. 9 jersey, setting a franchise attendance record with 19,109 fans at the event. This gesture honored Madano’s contribution to the team and solidified his place in Texas sports history.