Texas’ Historical Milestones On This Day November 26th

November 26th in 1835, Texas forces achieved a victory over Mexican forces under Martín Perfecto de Cos in an event known as the Grass Fight. This battle, which took place in San Antonio, marked a pivotal moment in the Texas Revolution.

Fast forward to 1850, when the Texas legislature made the decision to relocate the county seat of Denton County to a new site called Alton. This move was prompted by the lack of available water at the previous location.

On November 26, 1871, Patt Neff was born in Coryell County, Texas. He would go on to become governor during the Progressive Era of the 1920s and leave a lasting legacy by establishing a state park system.

A more lighthearted moment in Texas history occurred on this day in 1954, when the one and only Elvis Presley sent a telegram to his parents from Texas. In the note, he informed them that he had sent money to pay the bills and promised to send more the following week.