This years Hall of Fame inductee Carl Feazle will forever be remembered for his dynamic running skills, six-touchdown games, and legendary leadership on and off the field.

2024 Hall of Fame inductee spotlight: Carl Feazle! πŸ†πŸˆπŸŽ½

Carl Feazle’s high school career as a standout athlete began with a varsity spot on the Pasadena High School football team in 1938. Notably, he earned the nickname “The Pride of Pasadena” during his senior year, showcasing dynamic running skills and leading the team to newfound success. Feazle’s impact was undeniable, contributing significantly to his team’s points and earning recognition as a formidable defensive player. His 1940 season featured standout performances, including a six-touchdown game and a dominant showing in the district championship victory. Feazle received many prestigious accolades, including All-State and All-Southeast Texas honors. Beyond football, he demonstrated athletic versatility in track and leadership as president of his senior class. Following graduation, Feazle briefly played football for Texas A&M, served in the navy during World War II, and remained active in his community until his passing in 2006, leaving behind a legacy of athletic excellence and service.

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