Three dogs to be executed because of previous irresponsible owners if good people don’t come forward to rescue tham.

🆘 URGENT: These 3 dogs are stressed and struggling in the shelter…

Because of that, they need out ASAP, so they can have a second chance at a brighter future…

WE NEED YOUR HELP with finding them an adopter, foster, or rescue! Time is running out and you’re their only hope…

➡️ Adopt for $20 or foster for FREE. Food, supplies, and a crate are provided.

Pasadena Animal Shelter & Pet Adoption Center
5150 Burke Road
Shelter: 713-848-5340
Adoptions: 713-848-5362
[email protected]
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday: 9am for shelter, 11am for adoptions to 5pm
Tuesday & Thursday: 9am for shelter, 11am for adoptions to 6pm
Saturday: 11am to 4pm (Closed Sunday)

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