Two ex Animal Shelter pups just spreading some love and joy in their new home.

Happy Tails Update! ❤️🐶🐶

Our 2 pups have made a PAWsitive impact on their new family! Check out what they had to say:

“We adopted Evan in January of 2020 when my husband wanted a larger dog and Olympia (now Kira) in October of 2022 at your Halloween event because I’ve always wanted a German Shepard.

Both dogs had DNA tests done and Kira is 100% German Shephard and Evan is 75% Pitt Bull and the rest Husky/Samoyed. They got along instantly and love to play in the backyard together. Evan loves to hang out in the backyard and sunbathe and Kira rarely leaves my side.

I recently had a baby and Kira makes sure she frequently checks on him. She loves to give kisses to anything and everything (me, my two kids, the cats, Evan, etc.). When we adopted Kira, she was heartworm positive. We did the heartworm treatment with y’all, and she finished it in February 2023. I’m so happy to say that she is now heartworm free.

They are both healthy, sweet, well behaved, and smart girls, and are just such great additions to our family.”

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