Video: Pasadena High’s Culinary Management Team cooked up success at the ProStart Invitational, ranking 3rd with their restaurant vision. Congratulations!

Congratulations to the Pasadena High School Eagles Culinary Management Team for earning 3rd place at the 2024 Texas ProStart Invitational! We are beyond proud of these students and their instructors. Their original caption is too good not to share (see below)!

Pasadena High School’s Culinary Management Team has achieved an exceptional feat, securing 3rd place at the state competition, during the #prostart invitational. What makes this accomplishment truly remarkable is the team’s meticulous journey in building their own restaurant from scratch. From conceptualizing innovative menu ideas to deciding how and what the decor in the restaurant will look. They showcased not only culinary expertise but also business acumen. Presenting their vision to judges, the team demonstrated creativity, teamwork, and a passion for hospitality. This achievement not only recognizes their skills in the kitchen but also their ability to translate culinary concepts into a captivating restaurant venture. It’s a testament to the dedication and ingenuity of Pasadena High School’s Culinary Management Team and Table 24.
“Sit in this moment now, because we run it back next year”

Pasadena ISD CTE

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