Constable Sandlin hosts swearing-in and awards ceremony at the Clear Lake Station recognizing dedicated members of Precinct 8.

Constable Sandlin hosted a Swearing-in and Awards Ceremony this afternoon at our Clear Lake station. Deputy Adan Camarillo was sworn in as the newest member of the Precinct 8 family while several employees received service and merit awards. We would like to congratulate the following.

Length of Service Awards were presented to:

5 years
• Deputy Alexandria Peters
• Deputy Kenneth Basurto
• Deputy Jack Mitchell
• Deputy Andrea Self
• Deputy Gustavo Villalon
• Sergeant Brandon Claunch

10 years
• Sergeant Jonathan Toliver
• Communications Officer Jana Zachrau Seymour

15 years
• Sergeant Brian Covey
• Communications Officer Kristy Poole

25 years
• Assistant Chief Clerk Lana Gibson
• Deputy Sean Kitchens

Individual service awards were presented to:

Certificate of Merit
• Deputy William Jenkins

Certificate of Valor
• Deputy Jacob Glover
• Deputy Alexandria Peters
• Sergeant Wayne Gerrish

Certificate of Civilian Commendation
• Mr. Kevin Glover

Congratulations to these men and women on their accomplishments! We are proud to have such a dedicated group of individuals representing this agency on a daily basis.

Precinct 8 Constable’s Office

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