Texas’ Historical Milestones On This Day August 22nd

In 1901, the Houston and Texas Central Railway made a significant acquisition. They gained control of the Austin and Northwestern, Central Texas and Northwestern, Fort Worth and New Orleans, and Granite Mountain and Marble Falls City lines. This move not only expanded the railway’s reach but also enhanced transportation options for Texans, enabling easier travel and trade.

Moving forward to 1971, an exhibition called The De Luxe Show opened its doors in Houston’s Fifth Ward neighborhood. This exhibition was remarkable because it was one of the first racially integrated showcases of contemporary art. By breaking down barriers and promoting inclusivity, The De Luxe Show made a profound statement about the power of art in transcending societal divides.

In 1977, the Texas A&M University College of Medicine welcomed its first class of students. This milestone marked the beginning of a new era in medical education for Texas, as the university aimed to produce highly skilled and compassionate healthcare professionals to address the state’s healthcare needs.

The year 1984 brought about significant political events in Texas. President Ronald Reagan made a phone call to former President Gerald R. Ford before meeting in person later that day in Dallas. In Dallas, President Reagan and the First Lady, along with Vice President Bush and Mrs. Bush, watched the televised coverage of the 1984 Republican Convention from their suite. It was during this convention that President Reagan was officially declared the Presidential candidate for the Republican Party, solidifying his role in Texas’ political landscape.